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One thing that I love so much about this business is that I get to support other small businesses while building my own! We are doing a series of spotlight posts to help you get to know the amazing brands you'll find in our shop! We are starting with getting to know David, who has been designing all of the graphics for our Ever + Joy Exclusive Collection!! Without further ado...

Mandi: Please introduce yourself.

David: Hi, I'm David Laundry, though I often use the moniker of 'Noble'. I'm a local illustrator who was connected with Mandi through my wife, who is one of her patrons. I've been working with her to create unique merchandise for her unique clientele.

Mandi: When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

David: That's both a simple question and a complicated one. I have always wanted to be an artist but I didn't know what type I would be until the 2010s. I always loved drawing. When I was in second grade, my best friend and I would run around the playground pretending to be these cat people superheroes. I would draw our heroes and all the friends they had and vehicles they drove and villains they'd fight. I loved to create this imaginary world and bring it to life. So naturally, I knew one day I would grow up to be a cartoonist! Of course, I went through the whole anime fan stage in middle school and high school, still wanting to be an animator. Always drawing much to my teachers' chagrin. Then as I approached graduation, things started getting interesting. I didn't feel I could afford to go to art school immediately, so I joined the work force, thinking I would save up some money for a couple years then go to school. Then the economy started dropping, which would continue to plummet during the 'Great Recession' and the dream just kept getting pushed back. At the same time, Disney and other major animation studios would shift their focus from 2D animation to 3D animation. So over the 11 year period working at the same factory, the dream of being an animator fell away, but I was still drawing and my interests turned to fantasy, specifically Dungeons and Dragons. My wife and I maintained a comfortable lifestyle but I was growing unhappy. My wife would eventually convince me to quit my job and pursue art full time. And that's more or less when I decided I wanted to be a freelance illustrator.

Mandi: How would you describe your style?

David: In short, Digital Illustration. I'm pretty 'style fluid' which was handy when approached about doing designs for merchandise. I've shifted through so many styles and mediums over the years that switching from one style to another comes fairly easy to me. I tend to do fantasy illustration with a more realistic feel to it, which is commonly what you will find in Dungeons and Dragons or the Magic the Gathering Card Game.

Mandi: Where are you from?

David: I was raised, and still live, in Ferndale, Washington. I've visited many places, but none are as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest.

Mandi: What inspires you?

David: It changes. Sometimes it's other art. Sometimes it's learning a new technique. Often times it's just a random concept I want to bring to life. D&D is particularly good at bringing character and creature ideas to mind, so much of my art tends to be from that. Lately though, I've been fascinated with light and how it works. I'm one of those rare "left brained" artists who doesn't really draw on their emotions for inspiration very often. My more mechanically inclined mind sees something and picks apart how and why it works. So essentially, that's my inspiration, wanting to figure out how it all works.

Mandi: Favorite part of being an artist?

David: Creation. I mean, it's great being your own boss and not having to deal with large groups of people, particularly as an introvert. But really, I don't think any artist out there would give any other answer than creation. I think it taps into our primal survival instinct to communicate ideas or feelings.

Mandi: How can someone get in touch with you?

David: You can see my work and contact me on any of these pages:

You can also email me at:

Mandi: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

David: Yea, a comment/question that always comes up when people see my work is 'how do you do that/I wish I could draw like that'. I always make a point to state that I am not a naturally talented artist. I know such talented artists who it just clicks for. That's not me. I'm not talented, I'm skilled. The difference being that I had to dedicate time to study and practice to keep up, and even surpass, some of the more talented artists I know. It didn't come natural. Where there is a willingness to learn and practice, there is a place for skill to grow. If you want to be an artist, you are one.

Mandi:  Thank you, David for sharing more about yourself and your mission! We are so happy to have you making masterpieces for us and are excited for our graphic collection to continue to grow!

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