The secret to the best cookies!

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The best chocolate chip cookies


I am not a professional baker, but I know a few secrets to make your chocolate chip cookies amazing! Baking is my favorite thing to do when I feel overwhelmed by the things I should be doing and need a little break or reset. Because so many things are unknown- baking always makes me feel at ease. I know I can follow the recipe and it'll result in some deliciousness! I lost track of how much flour I put in the batch pictured and was super bummed when the dough was much thicker than normal, but I have to say- they turned out pretty delicious as well and I credit the following secrets...

So, what are the secrets to the best chocolate chip cookies?

1. Whip that butter and sugar combo with your mixer until it is light and fluffy. Then whip it some more. I mean it. LIGHT and FLUFFY! If you're not sure, whip it some more!

2. Trader Joe's Chocolate Chips - They are the best. 

3. Vanilla! Just, yes!

4. Don't over cook them. I repeat. Do not over cook. They should still look a little soft. It'll vary with your oven, but I like to set mine for 10 minutes and then usually set another timer for 2 more minutes depending on how they look. Make sure to move the cookies to a cooling rack a few minutes after they come out of the oven so they don't get too stuck on the pan or keep cooking. 

I've been using the Trader Joe's Chocolate chip cookie recipe lately, since I have it on the back of their Chocolate chips! I am also obsessed with Grand Central Bakery's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!! I substitue Earth Balance Butter because we don't do a lot of dairy, but either works great. I'm pretty sure you can use these tricks with any chocolate chip cookie recipe and see great results. Let us know what recipe you try and it you notice your cookies tasting better than ever! 

Spread the joy by taking a plate of cookies to a neighbor or a friend! 




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